Before we start, lets get a few acrynoms out of the way:
Flat Bottom Steering Wheel(FBSW) - no controls but flat bottom
Multi-Function Steering Wheel(MFSW) - Has stereo controls but no flatness
Flat Bottom Multi-Function Steering Wheel(FBMFSW) - has it all

Most Audi wheels are all physically swappable. However, there are two things to consider when swapping with another platform.
1-Multifunction buttons
2-Your well being, ie airbag compatibility
or vise versa, which ever you value more.

1-There are pretty much two types of MFSWs. Some have a MODE button on the left, some dont. Only those with the MODE button will work with the B6 platform. Otherwise you'll end up with useless buttons, and no one wants that. edit: but I do!

2-All B6s* came with Single Stage Air Bags(SS or SSAB), but no flat bottoms. B7s and most newer Audi's came with Dual Stage Air Bags(DSAB) and this is when the flat bottom rage started. B7 RS4 has a nice flat bottom set up, but they are DSAB.

Herein lies the rub. My B6 single stage bag doesnt connect to the dualness of the newer wheels. There is a procedure to link the B6 single stage to the High Impact of the dual stage bag. However this has never been tested... Its a well debated topic online and most avoid it. Therefore B7 and most newer wheels are out of the question.


Audi TTs(8v or 8s) models(8v/8s is is the B6 to my S4) come with single stage air bags.
The 8vMkII style wheels have a gianormeous blimp of an airbag cover, and most came with the MODE button. You can even blank off the multifunction buttons if want. But the airbag size wasnt my style, so they were out of the picture.
The 8sMkIII style wheels have a lil button sized airbag in comparison, however coming across one with a MODE button is close to impossible... and no blanks available. But I managed to find one with a MODE button after a long search. I am took a chance with this as no one has tried this to see if it would work. In theory it would, but i'll jump to the chase, it didnt.

If your b6 is like mine and does not have any multifunction buttons from the factory, then you'll need a few new parts to make it all work:
Control Module - 8E0-953-549-R or Q
S/C Ring - 4E0-953-541-B

I'm a fan of OEM configuration wherever possible especially with intake. Quite the contrast to my younger days when I thought car manufacturers were dumb for not making all cars with cold air intakes / cone filters. When I turbo the BMW I'll try really hard to use the factory air box. The B5's box has some Huffmods done to it (maybe it was the owner before him?), anyway, the snorkel was missing and the lower portion (pre-filter) was cut out. I posted a wanted ad on Audizine for the lower portion and snorkel, got it for $50 CAD shipped. I took the opportunity to clean everything as best as I could.

Myah and Sarah were at it again. I gave Myah the ratchet and showed her the bolt, and she took it out all by herself. This was the first time I didn't (barely) help her.

With all the attention the new Avant was getting, I splurged on a tuned ECU for the B5. I heard of a guy named "k0mpresd" on Audizine selling these for about $250 US. His business is Reflect Tuning and his ECU for the B5 got good reviews. Half the price of APR etc as well.

Installation is pretty easy. Unscrew the 5 screws holding the ECU cover in place, unplug the old ECU and install the tuned version.

It made a pretty big difference. Really woke up the car, pulls a lot harder and is much more fun to drive. Apparently it adds about the same HP/TQ as the APR tune, which brings the car from 150HP/162TQ to 200HP/243TQ. I can't wait to get the Stage 1+ installed in the Avant, because it's even more power :)

First picture is Myah opening the package. These two have been out with me everyday for the past couple weeks helping with the cars.

16 July 2016

We picked up the car from Viggen Automotive today. Once it was home I Rain-Ex'ed the windows, installed the seat covers, and installed the car seats.

I flushed the brake fluid this evening. It was actually pretty clean already but it never hurts. I will be doing all the fluids to baseline the car, considering there are no records.

25 July 2016

Spark plugs - NGK BKR6EGP 0.030in Gap
Old plugs were very worn. Valve cover gasket is leaking some oil into spark plug holes.

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