Welcome Captian Bunk. I picked the name for two reasons, one the engine is bunk. And two; this guy navigated his way into my life like a Cap.

I'll be honest, I was planning to spend money on something else, probably something productive like a big brake kit for the S4. But I started an email cluster bomb of; S4 upgrades vs practicality, and thats when Cap B surfaced on Kijiji. This was just as Sean mentioned, "buy an A4 with a bunked motor and have fun with it!" I found the ad and fired it off to the group. He reviewed the ad in detail, did his research on the 2.0T, consulted with Jenny on her thoughts and review about the B7 platform, even called the guy to get a feeling from him, then turned to look me in the eyes, and gave me the nod. I knew exactly what to do. He wasnt wrong about my S, so I didnt waste time. 5 days later the tow slammed it into the drive way. At which point our driveway stopped getting cleared because it didnt turn over/I couldnt get it into the garage. Ang did NOT like this. I called my homeboi B-rad and asked to push this light weight vehicle into the garage. Holy fuck, I underestimated that. This was a suicide mission! It was -10/-20 with the wind, freezing rain up our noses, slippery as hell and late. I got frustrated and was ready to ram it in with the A8, when level headed B-rad was like, lets just use the A8 bumper as leverage. As we progressed, we reset, and finally after 30 minutes, we humped it in. Worked like a charm B. Fast forward to the next day; I get home from work and as I exit my car I hear my neighbor holler. He says; "hey I saw you last night trying to push that car in the garage, next time just come over and ask!" I'm like WHAT!?! why didn you come over you SOB!!!! :0 so anyways, now I know which address to unload an 18 pack of farm fresh on. :P

I'll have to back up a bit here, just before I pulled the trigger. I never told Ang about any of this. On superbowl sunday, we had people over early afternoon. and my phone was lighting up like a Christmas tree. I was giggling/texting Barry, Zack(A4 Avant) and the seller back and forth. My 2k offer was across the table, I thought the guy was going to walk, but he responded with 2300, and thats when Ang asked what the hells going on? I hadnt even told the seller yet but I mentally accepted it, and thats when I told her I bought a car. WHAT!?!? ahahhah it was a great turn of events.

It was listed at $3,200 with 250,000km. Snagged it for $2,300 and this thing had a pile of service records with it. 17k worth. All Mark Motors. Its just too bad the motor shit the bed. Only two owners, and the PO bought it from Tony Graham!


For the past few years I've been noticing a cabin noise that sounded very similar to a wheel bearing on its way out, increasing slowly over time. A couple years ago I changed the front wheel bearings and while it got a bit better the noise was still there. At this point it's enough to vibrate the dash while driving a certain speeds and while it's still not 'loud', when the car stops rolling and things are quite you definitely feel like you just came from a Metallica concert. Anyway, on a few occasion I've had the chance to isolate the noise to the diff. This past summer I had the axles out for a rebuild and was able to spin the diff alone and it was obvious this is where the sound was coming from.

The car went into winter storage at the parents' place a couple months ago and about 2 weeks ago I went over and pulled the diff from the car. Pretty easy job considering the axles had just been out and the hardware was spotless.

On to the write-up...

26 Jan 2017 192000km

Another year, another Things To Do chapter.

I like these because it's fun to look back on my intentions and compare against what I actually did. In most cases I barely complete 50% of my wish list. Things have been kind of hectic.

However, basement is done, dad's basement is done, our driveway interlock is done, Lancer has been replaced by the A4 Avant - ie the fleet has been locked down for several years to come, so it's looking like we're approaching steady state where I can spend some of my spare time on fun projects rather than chore-type projects.

Anyone else find it annoying when this text field auto-saves or whatever it's doing over and over, changing from pink to white and resizing the window back and forth?

Last year the BMW stayed off the insurance. Among all the other house projects I managed to get some stuff done:
- Shadowline (that may have been in 2015)
- ...

Okay I thought I did more than that but I can't remember. Maybe I didn't do anything to it??

Over the winter I managed to rebuild the rear diff and continue with the Megasquirt build. Momentum has started slowing down (end of Jan) so I hope things can pick back up soon.

Some things for this year:
- Oil pan gasket and drill/tap block for turbo oil drain;
- Transmission Fluid change;
- Oil Change;
- Steering center link... installed new one last year but it didn't fit right, need to investigate;
- Control arm bushings;
- Front driver side window frame repair;
- Megasquirt install;
- Start on the turbo build.

An ambitious list, that's for sure. Knowing my track record I'll probably get the oil changed and that's it. The only thing working in my favor is the fact we have NO house projects planned, or even any that I would anticipate to pop up. The other cars do need maintenance items but nothing that would take very long.

I'm thinking this year might actually be the year where I get some stuff done.

Oh just thought of one more thing to do...
- Get caught up on Project Build documenting!!

My steering was starting to feel heavy and the pump was starting to make an audible noise. I purchased a used unit off ebay for 40 bucks and bought a rebuild kit at the same time. You dont need to go into full service mode like me, but to goto full service mode, is only two coolant lines and to drain/refill. Not a big deal by any means.

Stick an oil pan under the power steering area, crack your power steering lines loose, a 22mm for the line going to the rack and 24 for the return. Just crack them until they are bleeding, open your PS reservoir. Check that the fluid is hitting the pan, it'll trickle off the AC compressor. There is a drain plug on the bottom of the pump, but you have to get on your back to reach that. pffffttttt....
Remove your fan clutch with a spanner and large crescent wrench, reverse thread. IE hammer the crescent wrench clock wise. Grab a 13mm deep socket and breaker bar, release the tension on the serpentine belt(aim at 3o'clock and pull up) and remove the belt.
Use the belt to wrap around the power steering pump pulley and hold it with your left hand, and grab a 6mm allen key in the right while pointing to 3o'clock and pull up hard with both. Make sure you clean the bolts out real good, I spent a solid 20 minutes cleaning them out. And took alot of force to crack these loose.

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